Testimony of Greg from USA

I came to know Pier Giorgio through my son. His first mention of him was while he attended a Catholic elementary school. The stories he would tell us about Pier Giorgio and the interest he expressed in him were truly amazing. This experience and knowledge has stayed with him now that my son is in high school. My son chose Bl. Pier Giorgio as his confirmation name in the hopes and prayers that he is canonized.

Pier Giorgio's affect on my son is a miracle in and of itself - at least that is what I believe."

Testimony of Dávid from Slovenia

I have really close relationship with Pier Giorgio. He is my confirmation patron because I found the way he lived really wonderful. For me he is an example how to live my faith in real life between people. I admire the joy he prayed and helped others with. Also we do have common love for mountains and praising Father in them. I am cetrain, that his prayers for me are close to God's ears. Once i felt as i was climbing on the rocks and i swang on the rope. It turned me 180° so i hit the rock with my back badly. It did hurt and i couldn't walk properly because of pain but when i looked up to check where i hit the rock, i saw two sharp edges between which i hit. So just few centimetres from both sides separated me from maybe not beeing able to walk today. So that's why i believe that Pier Giorgio talks to God face to face. (Ex 33,11) +

Testimony of Mary Lou from USA

When I first heard about Pierre Giorgio - I felt an instant connection to him.  I just love how he went all over helping whoever he could- no matter the risk and how he took his faith with him.  He was such a generous, giving young man of faith, just the example the young people of today need so desperately,  in this chaotic progressive secular world we live in, where so many young people have left the faith or have no faith at all.  I pray he will be canonized very soon.

Testimony of Christopher from USA

            He is the patron saint of the Catholic Student Union at Florida State University. Through this organization, I have come to know Jesus Christ, the Church and the Eucharist through his intercession. While he put sainthood at the top priority of his life, my friends admire him for taking the time to enjoy life’s pleasures and for his willingness to live life “verso l’alto”!      Yes                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Testimony of Father Gary from USA

I first learned about Frassati through a religious Sister that helped with a Young Adult group I helped start. Later I joined a Frassati Society and traveled to Italy in 2000. I was blessed to meet both his Sister and Niece. Today I am a priest, and through my discernment, studies in seminary and my ministry Frassati continues to draw me closer to my faith and the joy of living my faith in communion with others including friends, family and parishioners. His story inspires me to be a better person and make a difference for others. The strongest response of grace I received was during seminary I had two ruptured discs. I prayed daily asking for his intercession. Recovering from surgery I awoke with no pain and was grateful for the prayers I am sure my heavenly friend offered for me. When I get the chance I share his story, how he inspired me; in the hope that others will be inspired. God bless!!

Testimony of Father Thomas from USA

I have offered the Novena of Blessed Pier Giorgio two times with the intention of two college aged parishioners in mind. Both times the intercession of Pier Giorgio has, on several levels, helped them both to move deeper into their relationship with Christ and the Catholic faith. The first novena said, it was on the ninth day and the second time the novena was prayed it was the day after, that both young men came forward to express, at different times, the closeness of God they now have in their lives. It has helped them to ask important life and vocational questions. Thank God for the intercession of this young man for other young men. He is so much needed for our times especially now.