Testimony of Father Douglas from USA

As Pastor of Saint Matthew Catholic Parish in Statesboro, Georgia (Diocese of Savannah), I am also Catholic Campus Minister for Georgia Southern University ans Chaplain to the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) here in Statesboro. Through them, I became aware of their devotion to Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati, who has been a great role model for our students, both male and female. I have familiarized myself with his story, through books and videos, and am aware of the healing attributed to him, which should guarantee his canonization. I heartily implore our Holy Father Francis to enroll Blessed Piergiorgio Frassati in the Canon of Saints, the Holy Ones of God, quam primum.
Fr. Douglas K. Clark, STL, VF

Testimony of Craig from USA

Bl. Pier Giorgio is exactly what our young people need: a saint filled with joy and generosity, promoted by the working of the Holy Spirit. Holy Father, please use your influence to further his cause and to inspire the young people of the world to see in Bl. Pier Giorgio a model based on the image of our Lord Jesus Christ, who, like the Lord - gave of himself for the good of the world and of his sisters and brothers.

Testimony of Gary from Malaysia

I met Bl. Pier at WYD in Sydney in 2008 and since have fallen in love with his story and what he stood for. in 2011 i decided to follow in his footsteps as since then i've worked with the poor and homeless as i believed that anyone could be a hero to someone out there no matter how young you are. I had the great fortune of seeing him again in Poland for WYD in 2016 and later that year in Turin. He has been such a inspiration not only in the social work i do but in life as well!

Testimony of Alessandra from Brasil

30 years ago ,during a very difficult time in my life ,my mother took me to Italy to visit a cousin of her! That Cousin happened to be Giovanna Gawronska!! i was given a room filled out with boxes everywehere ,in these boxes were books about Pier Giorgio life and faith! i read it during the four days i was there,and it changed my life completly for i was very deeply touched by his faith!! thank you Giovanna and all of you that work for getting people to know about this young saint ! God bless you

Testimony of Agnes from India

I got to know about him through a friend and I was instantly attracted to his life story. His life is so relate able, probably because I share much in common with him, he loves coffee and the mountains too. Reading little snippets from saints' lives I always felt sainthood was more for older, matured people. His story changed my view of sainthood. His smile may have been really infectious then. His canonization will inspire thousands of youth to live a holy life and to realize that you can be holy and cool at the same time :)

Testimony of Lorraine from Australia

I was blessed enough to pray to Bl. Pier Giorgio at World Youth Day Krakow. Everytime I ask for his intercession, I'm overwhelmed with peace and confidence that God is always with me whenever I serve the young people. I admire the way he lived his life and the stories I've heard on how dedicated he was when it came to prayer. How he wasn't afraid to speak on his faith. I was blessed enough to go to Turin for Holy Week this year. I can't wait for his canonization!

Testimony of Maria from USA

Bl. Pier Giorgio has been such an inspiration in my life! I've had a devotion to him for over a year now, and I have grown exponentially in my spiritual life because of his specialintercession. I love him for his courage, joy, and bravery. He wasn't afraid to love people or to do what was right in the face of adversity. One of my greatest wishes is to see him canonized so that others may know him better and continue to ask his powerful intercession, especially for all the young people of this generation and the ones to come. Verso l'alto!

Testimony of Jennifer from USA

I discovered Bl. Pier Giorgio about 4 years ago while preparing for our monthly meeting as the leader of a middle school youth group.  
I quickly read everything there was to read about him.  I'm so inspired by his selflessness and devotion.  I mention him and his deeds as often as possible to anyone that will listen.  
I am the mother of 3 boys.  Boys are tough to keep faithful.  The fact that Bl. Pier Giorgio was a young and athletic man, popular with peers and ladies really touches something in young men.  Pier Giorgio makes it seem more achievable to be a Saint to these boys because they are able to see a part of themselves in him!  A regular boy/man can be a Saint.  
What better way to show the generation of young men how to live!

Testimony of Claire from Switzerland

I grew up surrunded by mountains in Switzerland. I was always looking at them as a sign of beauty and strenght. I gave my life to Jesus two years ago after long years of searching for the truth. He is the Joy that my heart was thirsty of. Two weeks after my yes to Jesus, I met an amazing guy who come from Australia, we discoverd each other and fell in love. We choose to built a relationship together and support each other. I came in the childhood house of Pier Giorgio Frassati this week end. I was feelink in front of a big and terrifing summit to climb in my life. I don't know how we ll be able to love each other. We come from two differents countries, we have differents beliefs. How to love deeply ? How to stay closer to God in my life, in my choices ? How my life can reflect Jesus's face ? Pier Giorgio Frassati answered me: I ll walk on this mountain with you. Don't be afraid of pain. You ll keep this joy in your heart if you stay in your thoughts, actions and emotions with God. I knew then that God trusts me and ll give me his Grace to act with a true love and do the good choices. I can surrender to him. He has the Plan. Thanks Pier Giorgio ! You're for me like a big bro that ll encourage me to look at the summit and believe of the faithful love of Jesus for us.

Testimony of Daniel from USA

I once heard about Pier Giorgio when I was going through RCIA, but never took the time to get to know him. After sometime had passed, I decided to study the impact he had, and how he died from contracting Polio. This is what struck me, and I definitely let it sink in; considering that I am approaching the age of 24, the age at which he died. I plan on devoting my entire twenty-fourth year of living to his way of living.

Testimony of Lucas from USA

He has given me inspiration and energy to live an upright and holy life (the best I can). Listening to a talk I heard on cd from catholic lighthouse media was where I first heard him. One time as I was prayed over, one of the people praying over me mentioned pier Giorgio as an intercessor. That was very surprising for me and gave me more conviction in him and the truth of the holy Spirit in being prayed over.

Testimony of Leanne from USA

As a young adult who loves my Faith and being outdoors, Bl. Pier Giorgio has been such a great saintly companion. He inspires me to great heights--physically and spiritually.
His love for the Rosary and bringing others to pray it is inspiring (especially getting his friends to pray it or getting them to visit the Bl. Sacrament as a prize for beating them at billards). His courage and stead-fastness in serving the poor was incredible--as much of his service was hidden and brought about disapproving attitudes from his mother/family. He shows me by his life that all things should be done for God's Glory and to not tire in serving others. Verso l'alto!