Testimony of Dávid from Slovenia

I have really close relationship with Pier Giorgio. He is my confirmation patron because I found the way he lived really wonderful. For me he is an example how to live my faith in real life between people. I admire the joy he prayed and helped others with. Also we do have common love for mountains and praising Father in them. I am cetrain, that his prayers for me are close to God's ears. Once i felt as i was climbing on the rocks and i swang on the rope. It turned me 180° so i hit the rock with my back badly. It did hurt and i couldn't walk properly because of pain but when i looked up to check where i hit the rock, i saw two sharp edges between which i hit. So just few centimetres from both sides separated me from maybe not beeing able to walk today. So that's why i believe that Pier Giorgio talks to God face to face. (Ex 33,11) +