Testimony of Father Gary from USA

I first learned about Frassati through a religious Sister that helped with a Young Adult group I helped start. Later I joined a Frassati Society and traveled to Italy in 2000. I was blessed to meet both his Sister and Niece. Today I am a priest, and through my discernment, studies in seminary and my ministry Frassati continues to draw me closer to my faith and the joy of living my faith in communion with others including friends, family and parishioners. His story inspires me to be a better person and make a difference for others. The strongest response of grace I received was during seminary I had two ruptured discs. I prayed daily asking for his intercession. Recovering from surgery I awoke with no pain and was grateful for the prayers I am sure my heavenly friend offered for me. When I get the chance I share his story, how he inspired me; in the hope that others will be inspired. God bless!!