Testimony of Karson from USA

While attending a retreat the week after Pier Giorgio's feast day, the retreat team found a bunch of resources on Pier Giorgio. I never got to see these, but was intrigued about what the team was telling me about him. He was young, loved the mountains and outdoors, and served the poor in so many ways. Prompted by this I then read a few books about him and articles about his motto "Verso l'Alto". Since then I have begun a devotion to him, and have started praying for his canonization.

Testimony of Lee from USA

Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati's life story opens every mens' scripture study that I lead. His beautiful witness of leading a holy life as a social young person and a fierce warrior for the truth of God's love continues to inspire me and many others who I have shared it with. Bl. Frassati has truly fueled my pursuit of sancitity in many ways and I request his intercession frequently and fervently. Please canonize him, Holy Father Francis!

Testimony of Arragon from USA

I was introduced to Blessed Pier Giorgio as a college student. I had become involved in the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), a campus missionary organization that looks to Bl. Pier Giorgio as a tremendous role model. In those years since, I have asked for his intercession numerous times, in particular, on behalf of college students and young adults who are struggling to find their path in this world. His example has personally challenged me to persevere as a Christian in the face of widespread apathy, to have hope, and to see the underprivileged as brothers and sisters.

Testimony of Amy from USA

I met Pier Girorgio at a Koinonia retreat in college. I went to a small Jesuit school that didn't offer many solid retreats, so my sister invited me to her smaller university in the country for Koinonia. The patron for the retreat was Pier Giorgio. This was a time of major conversion for me. Since then, my love for this young man has grown as I have seen his influence in many areas: my ability to find God in nature, growth in being devoted to God and respectful to those who have different priorities, and appreciation for why it matters to always make time for Christian fellowship. We are not made into saints in isolation, and he has helped show me that. One of my friends even organizes a Frassati in the Fall hiking/lunch event for young adults. His intercession and example have been so fruitful!

Testimony of Taryn from Austria

I met Pier Giorgio when I was 14, volunteering at a camp near my home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I had always loved God, but this was a time when I had really begun to struggle with my own identity, feelings of being unlovable and unworthy, and questions about life's purpose. One night at this camp some of the counselors told the story of the life of Pier Giorgio over dinner around the campfire. They talked about Pier Giorgio's generosity and goodness, his courage and tireless love of his friends, family, and the poor. They talked about the great mass of people who attended his funeral because of the way this young man had loved and served them. It was like my heart was soaring within me. I had never known an example who made me so deeply want to be more than mediocre, who made it seem like it really was possible for a normal young person to be a saint in our world today. Since then Pier Giorgio has continued to be my friend, to inspire and teach me to imitate Christ with courage and charity. A little more than 10 years later, I am a missionary serving among university students in Europe and am discerning a call to the religious life.

Testimony of Lauren from USA

I spent this past weekend in Blessed Pier Giorgio's home in Pollone. What an amazing and grace-filled weekend! Walking in his footsteps was such a beautiful reminder that you are never too young to be holy. It is so easy to push off holiness until tomorrow, but Blessed Pier Giorgio's life is a call to say yes to the Lord day in and day out. It is his daily yes that has inspired me to say yes to the saint that God is calling me to be.

Testimony of Laura from USA

I attended Catholic high school, and my school bus driver, who is Catholic and who is still my friend to this day, gave me a book about Blessed Pier Giorgio my senior year. I have sometimes wondered how Blessed Pier Giorgio's cause for sainthood is going, so when a different friend sent me the petition for his sainthood, I had to sign it! The wording of the letter to the Holy Father touched my heart, as I am in a very intense point of vocational discernment right now. I think that I am called to marriage and I know that God is calling me to be an elementary school teacher and probably a foster mom. To read the words of the letter, speaking of Pier Giorgio as a young person who did not quite know the concrete direction his life would take but who still was in love with God and who practiced heroic virtue, spoke to my heart because I want to and try to be like that.

Testimony of Wanda from Italy

Whenever I have to face hurdles, I remember in my preyers Piergiorgio, and He enables me to solve the problem! Once I was very sad because I could not find a booklet with His thoughts. I looked for it everywhere in the house, but there was nothing I could do: the booklet had disappeared! I went to bed and started praying Him. The day after I woke up from bed and found the booklet on the floor in great evidence, just in front of my bed: it would have been impossible not to notice it the day before!

Testimony of Matthew from United Arab Emirates

The Lord blessed me by allowing me to learn about Bl. Pier Giorgio frassati about 10 years ago. After finding out about his heroic life, i yearned to visit the church that housed the remains of bl frassati(even though i didnt know specifically which church it was at the time)., So when i traveled to europe on a pilgrimage trip, miraculously we ended up in the Turin Cathedral and i strongly believe that it was his intersession that allowed me to see the Shroud of Turin and himself during that visit. I have felt a strong connection to him and have been deeply inspired by his heroic life, i pray that the Lord will grant my family and myself the Grace to witness Bl Pier Giorgios canonization during my lifetime.

Testimony of Angeline from India

Got the story through various Catholic News. As a single person I was fortunate to visit Italy and especially Turin the base of our Salesian missionaries which I am very grateful to God.Today while reading Rome Reports I saw this I will defenitly pray for his canonisation our young people need such a saint I myself need to do good to others around me I will pray to him to intercede for me and my family thank you.God bless to all who desire so.

Testimony of Isabella from USA

I was so blessed to be able to pray a chaplet in front of the body of sweet Bl. Pier in a church in Poland for World Youth Day. A song was playing in the background with the words "I give it all to you God, trusting that you'll make something beautiful out of me." These were the same words I echoed as I overlooked the beauty of God's creation in the Tatra mountains-- the favorite of St. John Paul II. Bl. Pier was with me in those mountains as I slowly discerned my vocation as a youth and would later go on to teach English in Spain and study at Franciscan University of Steubenville. We must continue to climb higher to find our identities and callings in Christ. Verso l'alto!