Testimony of Laura from USA

I attended Catholic high school, and my school bus driver, who is Catholic and who is still my friend to this day, gave me a book about Blessed Pier Giorgio my senior year. I have sometimes wondered how Blessed Pier Giorgio's cause for sainthood is going, so when a different friend sent me the petition for his sainthood, I had to sign it! The wording of the letter to the Holy Father touched my heart, as I am in a very intense point of vocational discernment right now. I think that I am called to marriage and I know that God is calling me to be an elementary school teacher and probably a foster mom. To read the words of the letter, speaking of Pier Giorgio as a young person who did not quite know the concrete direction his life would take but who still was in love with God and who practiced heroic virtue, spoke to my heart because I want to and try to be like that.