Testimony of Taryn from Austria

I met Pier Giorgio when I was 14, volunteering at a camp near my home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I had always loved God, but this was a time when I had really begun to struggle with my own identity, feelings of being unlovable and unworthy, and questions about life's purpose. One night at this camp some of the counselors told the story of the life of Pier Giorgio over dinner around the campfire. They talked about Pier Giorgio's generosity and goodness, his courage and tireless love of his friends, family, and the poor. They talked about the great mass of people who attended his funeral because of the way this young man had loved and served them. It was like my heart was soaring within me. I had never known an example who made me so deeply want to be more than mediocre, who made it seem like it really was possible for a normal young person to be a saint in our world today. Since then Pier Giorgio has continued to be my friend, to inspire and teach me to imitate Christ with courage and charity. A little more than 10 years later, I am a missionary serving among university students in Europe and am discerning a call to the religious life.