Testimony of Michelle K. from England

I am a girl studying Civil Engineering. During WYD, I discovered Frassati and felt that I could relate to him in so many ways. When I returned home for the summer break, I decided to volunteer in a turbine project for Don Bosco in Embu, Kenya. One evening we were assembling the turbine and I saw a small prayercard of Frassati on the noticeboard. I was overwhelmed with excitement, I knew that God wanted me to be there, and it renewed my energy. 2 days later, while playing football with a team of young boys from the school, I fell and fractured my ankle. I was helpless and they carried me to the same room. I could see his face and my distorted foot. I prayed that it would be healed. In the village, there was no nearby hospital or ambulance. It was by a miracle that my mother had decided to come the previous night, she was in the school chapel when this happened and she carried on praying. Father drove me to hospital in Nairobi with his car. It was a 2 hour trip, we said the rosary and he bore with me patiently. After 8 hours, the surgery was done, adding 14 screws and 2 plates to my foot. Frassati kept me going, in my hospital bed, in physiotherapy, at home, in the plane when the summer break was about to end, in my student hall when my family was no longer there to help me with little things, when I was struggling to get to my lectures on time with my crutches, when I was in pain due to the cold winter, when I was lonely. He helped me to recover steadily and keep going in my studies, friendships and most of all, my trust in God's will and providence. He helped me to complete the year successfully and realize that Christ is truly the Way the Truth and the Life.