Testimony of Ian D. from USA

Dear Holy Father, my name is Ian de Koster. I write to you this letter hoping it may helping in the canonization of my most favorite Blessed person! I am a former student at Frassati Catholic High School in Spring, Texas here in the United States. He has impacted my life a lot as I have become stronger in my faith in part through him, and while at my high school which he was the patron I grew a lot closer to God. I pray to Blessed Pier Giorgio most often when I am about to play soccer, as I am very passionate about the beautiful game and ask for his intercession as he along with being one of my favorite people in heaven, is one of the patrons for soccer players. Thank you for taking into consideration all of our letters dear Holy Father, I hope this letter finds you well and I can assure you I will be praying for you and I ask you pray for me, my family, friends, and all christians around the world.