Testimony of Olivia from USA

Giorgio is truly a saint for our times. His zeal for the Lord overflowed into the mundane details of his normal life, granting him a zest for the mission he'd been given as a disciple of Christ. He is one of us. He is our friend, our brother, and our intercessor.

Once I met Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati, my relationship with God was ignited in new ways. I was able to see even greater depth in my vocation. My prayer life was enriched as I began to see the entire world through the lens of reaching the heights. Bl. Pier Giorgio is the patron saint of our family, and our firstborn son is named after him. He has been generous in his intercession for us and in his guidance. He daily brings us closer to the Heart of Jesus. I am forever grateful to him and, if I reach Heaven through God's mercy, Giorgio will be one of the first people I hug.

His canonization would mean so much to the young Church, and his intercession as saint will ignite the hearts of so many looking for deeper meaning in their own extraordinary lives.