Testimony of Marco from USA

By no plan of my own, and as a college student in 1990 on a trip to Italy with my family, we ended up attending the Beatification of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati in May 1990 in Rome.  Knew nothing about him, and it took a reversion to faith in 1994, and a relocation to Denver, CO to rediscover him through the Frassati Society of Denver.  Turns out the program from the Beatification traveled with me to Denver, and later my wife and I established the Frassati Society in Detroit when we moved back to Michigan in 2003.  Original members of the Society have moved on to several fruitful vocation in both religious and married life.  Members of the Society subsequently translated a French play on the life of Pier Giorgio Frassati into English, and have performed it several times around Southeastern Michigan and in Canada.  He has become a role model and intercessor in my life in many ways.