Testimony of Clarissa from USA

I got to learn more about Bl. Pier Giorgio briefly at World Youth Day in Poland. He inspires me so much. To see that you can still become a blessed or saint even through things like social status, athletics, humor- and earn a nickname like "the Terror" because of your jokes- is inspiring, because it emphasizes that we can truly love and glorify God through everything we do. Instead of going through education and formation because it is the proper thing to do, Frassati did everything toward the goal of bringing God and justice to social reform or improvement.  It's so indicative of his "secretly" charitable nature that only at his funeral was it revealed how many people he had truly impacted.

Just like Frassati, I hope not for people to shower praises upon me as I'm alive, but for the people I've helped and loved to shower prayers and graces upon me as they mourn at my death- because a statement to God is more important than a statement just to myself.

Such a crowd declares in hushed reverence, "this was a great man, a reflection of God. And we will sorely miss the holy light he brought us."