Testimony of Rhiannon B. from USA

Blessed Giorgio Frassati; a man who I didn't even know about for most of my life yet serves as an example of everything I would ever want to be as a young person in the church. 

Before I learned anything about Blessed Giorgi Frassati the only time he would vaguely be mentioned was if my youth minister brought him up momentarily in a conversation saying how much she loved him; plus she would only refer to him as hottie Frassati (seriously not a joke) so for the longest time I didn't even know the mans first name.

I didn't know a single thing about his life and didn't really care to know because to me it just seemed like he would be another perfect person of the church that couldn't apply to my life circumstances and wouldn't be anything like me. That was until he was introduced to me when I was on a retreat. 

It seemed like this specific talk on a person would be any other from the week, but something was different. When the leaders would talk about a saint or person of the church they wouldn't say their name right off the bat but rather they would give a little introduction and speak about the persons life. So all I was hearing were facts about his life. All the points made him come alive in me. Him being an athlete, growing up wealthy yet wanting more in a spiritual sense, and coming from parents who didn't support his faith yet he continued to do God's work on his own; it all made him stand out because it seemed like he was one of us and lived the life of this generation of catholic youth that I've grown up in. It allowed for a connection I hadn't felt before with any historical person of the church. Fact after fact I wanted to know more and almost needed to know who the man they were speaking about was. So when they finally said the name Giorgio Frassati I was taken back and almost surprised. I thought to myself was this the man who my youth minister was obsessed over. The little block of time during retreat to hear about Giorgi Frassati wasn't enough for me and I had still desired to know more about this man on my own. I gradually learned more about his life and how he ministered to the poor, promoted Eucharist adoration, personal chastity and Marian devotion. Every aspect of his life including his last actions of caring for a sick man's future needs rather than his own death inspired me to make my life more like his. He is a model for me and just how easily I can make my faith my own even at a young age. In the words of Giorgi Frassati I'm striving to live my life "Verso I'alto" meaning towards the top. 

That's how I came to learn about Blessed Giorgio Frassati and why I truly believe he is all deserving of sainthood!