Testimony of Maria S. from the Philippines

My introduction to Bl. Pier Giorgio came about randomly through one of Bishop Robert Barron's "Word on Fire" videos. Bishop Barron commented about Bl. Pier Giorgio and got me curious enough to seek out more information and videos on YouTube. HIs life and faith was so inspiring and touching that I found myself having an occasional conversation with Bl. Pier Giorgio, albeit one-sided. Then one night, as my scoliosis pain was giving me so much discomfort, I simply said, "Bl. Pier Giorgio, please heal my back." Off to sleep I went with that last thought. When I woke up, there was none of that lingering stiffness that usually comes after a bad episode of pinched nerves.
That was about two weeks ago and I'm still doing fine. Thank you, Bl. Pier Giorgio!!! To God be the glory!!!