Testimony of Mercedes from USA

Blessed Pier Giorgio helped answer my prayers and allowed me to beat New York traffic in order to make my flight for a mission to Peru with Frassatti Fellowship. I was running very late and was worried of spoiling the mission, but Blessed Pier Giorgio's intercession allowed me to make it to the airport in just over 20 minutes from Harlem to JFK. I kept the receipt with the time stamp because I was in disbelief. The taxi drove at terrifying speed but the driver knew I would miss my mission if I didn't make it. Cars on the parkway parted ways for our taxi...which is incredible courtesy in a busy city like this. I didn't dare tell anyone until I got home from Peru. On our mission in Lima many of us missions prayed and asked for intercessions, especially in the hardships of our labor, when we needed to find others in a poor village without communication, and when we got hit by upset stomachs and altitude sickness for days. I have never seen so many prayers answered one after another. As an engineer, I tend to scrutinize evidence and proof and what I saw left me with no other choice but to believe that prayers and intercessions like those of Blessed Pier Giorgio's.