Testimony of Sarah from USA

As a young adult, his life is so empowering for how he lived a true life to the heights before he was even 25 since he died at age 24! I am 22 and feel like I can relate to his life, plus being Italian I feel even more connected to his background. He truly shows witness to the ability to grown in communion with God and live it out in our daily life. Thinking about his motto "Verso L'Alto," to the heights, towards God - think about the journey of climbing a very tall and difficult mountain. The journey would take days, several moments of stopping for rest, situations where our mental capacity will be tested for whether or not we must go on or turn back, and much more dangerous situations. Though once we get to the top, we are breathless, captivated in the beauty of God's creation around us and feel as if we have entered a world that is nothing like the world we live in - peace and beauty. Well take the imagery of this mountain and the journey and apply that to our destiny towards heaven - we are always moving towards God or away from God, to the heights - and each day we make steps toward God we are climbing up the mountain to our eternal home, Heaven. Pier Giorgio really showed how we must keep working hard to reach "the heights" in order to obtain our union with God.