Testimony of Dominique S. from Mexico

At the age of 15 I had the opportunity to travel to the WYD at Madrid. In one of those beautiful days over there my brother went to the church where the relics of Pier Giorgio were exposed, and he had the chance to met Wanda. After talking for a few minutes with her, he mentioned that in our flight back we were having a long scale at Swiss, so she told him that if we had time, we could go and visit Pier Giorgio´s house at Pollone. Who could miss an opportunity like that, right? So we move the seas to go there along with an incredible priest that was traveling with us. We spent there all the afternoon learning about his life and taking a look to his stuff and his context, of course being more than inspired to follow his steps to holiness and to love more and more God. 

I think of Pier Giorgio as my friend in heaven since then, after all he invited me to his house haha. But also he is an inspiration to share my faith at my University, with my friends. He´s an inspiration to pray the rosary and be close to Mary. And as other saints, he is a proof that living a life for Christ is the source of real joy, and the most worthy thing in the world!