Testimony of Chris T. from USA

Bl. Pier Giorgio has impacted my life pretty profoundly. When I went off to college I ended up in an area that was super protestant and it was the easy thing to do so I just started going to a Baptist church for about two years with my roommate. During that time I would pray here and there and attend mass once or twice a year but throughout that time I would pray to Bl. Pier Giorgio before I went on a backpacking trip, or before I went climbing or really just anything outdoors, which is often because I work as an outdoor guide. I would always get this longing for mass and the Eucharist whenever I went on these trips. I worked at a Catholic adventure camp in Colorado this past summer and had an amazing experience which I attribute to the intercession of Pier Giorgio because he was one of the patron saints of this camp. I am so glad for it because it brought me back to my faith and I have fallen in love with Catholicism again.