Testimony of Veronica J. from USA

I was introduced to Bl. Pier Giorgio by many of my young friends at different times. I didn't know much about him at first, but whenever he was spoken of his name was always accompanied by great excitement and an obvious fondness on the part of the speaker for him. These emotions soon caused me to research Bl. Pier Giorgio and I soon discovered why so many young people are devoted to him. It is through a shared love of Bl. Giorgio that an acquaintance gave me one of his prayer cards, and through this prayer card I have been constantly reminded to "strive for the highest goals, to flee from every temptation to be mediocre." Bl. Pier Giorgio aspired to greatness in everyday life and through his example it is made clear that even those who live ordinary lives are called to real holiness and love of God beyond mediocrity. Pier Giorgio displays the courage of actively living out a quietly ordinary life for God, thus setting a beautiful example for all young people of today.