Testimony of Susan S. from USA

 I was introduced to Bl. Pier Giorgio by a priest friend who knew that his life would be an inspiration to our family. Another dear friend acquired some relics for us from Wanda Gawronska - these relics fostered an even closer restionship with him. Having four young daughters at the time, asking him to be a brother to them was only natural. My grandfather, too, was struck with polio at a young age and his courage was an inspiration to me. I felt a natural attraction to the life of Pier Giorgio from the start. Our eldest daughter, Alexandra, was touched by his witness and chose him to be her confirmation saint. Alexandra was very moved when Wanda sent a letter and picture of Pier Giorgio on his own confirmation day. This is a gift she will treasure. I'll not forget the surprised smile on the Bishop when he confirmed our daughter as Alexandra Pier Giorgio!
Bl. Pier Giorgio has accompanied our daughters (especially our eldest) throughout their young lives and now into young adulthood. I considered him the greatest brother for our daughters and a dear and faithful friend who always comes to our aid. 
Bl. Pier Giorgio, Pray for us!