Testimony of Matthew RR from USA

I first "met" Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati online, in May 1999 ---- when my Mother, Yvonne Ruttle, was diagnosed with lung cancer. I wrote to Mrs. Luciana Frassati and to her daughter, Mrs. Wanda Gawronska ---- they responded with an e-mail, and then a letter with a Relic Holy Card from 1932, when Pier Giorgio's Cause for Canonization was first introduced in Turin, Italy. My Mother and Father --- and I --- prayed to Pier Giorgio over the years. My Mother's lung cancer did go into remission for over 9 years. Originally, in 1999, the oncologist gave my Mother only 6 months to live --- she had small cell, lung cancer. Pier Giorgio accompanied her -- and our whole Family on this journey from 1999 - to September 16, 2010, when my Mother died surrounded by 14 of her Family. I had placed his Relic on her body ---- praying for Pier Giorgio to lead my Mother, and all of us, to Jesus. I have kept in touch by e-mail with Mrs. Wanda Gawronska ever since 1999. We pray for one another ---- and support each other --- across an ocean and many miles. She fervently works for Pier Giorgio's Canonization --- and is a good and wonderful lady !!! Pier Giorgio and his family are a true blessing to our Family. How I thank God for Pier Giorgio's life and witness to the Gospel !!!!! MRR July 21, 2017