Testimony of John G. from USA

I came to know Bl. Pier Giorgio about 12 years ago when I read about his life-story. Being a retired Catholic high-school Theology teacher, I was amazed by this young man's life and accomplishments. He reminded me of several impressive young men I had the opportunity to instruct over the years. And I could easily sympathize with the difficulties he sometimes had with his studies. Also, since I am an only-child, he reminded me of "the older brother" I wished I had while growing up. I invoked his intercession at various crucial times.....especially concerning family matters, since he had such difficulties with his own parents. And God acted quite CLEARLY and PROMPTLY through Bl. Pier Giorgio's intercession. I entrusted care of my elderly mother, Ruth, to Bl. Pier Giorgio.......and the response was a miracle!! For instance, just today (June 21) she was operated on for a broken hip (SHE IS 99 YEARS OLD!) and the operation was a complete success! Her doctor said that he has every hope that she will walk again (her physical therapy begins tomorrow, (June 22nd) after a few week of rehab therapy. In the past, she has survived falling in the house with only a scratch. I call him "carissimo
fratello" and pray for his help, guidance, and PRESENCE in our household daily. I also told him: " When my time comes to go home to Jesus, Little Brother, I want you there to guide me to Jesus......and that goes for my mother, Ruth, also." I have NO DOUBT that he will be at my side, along with Jesus, Mary, and Joseph when that time comes.
I truly hope that he is canonized a saint SOON.....what better example do we have for young people than this wonderful, modern athlete and "man of the Beatitudes" who lived in the 20th century???