Testimony of Gerri G. from USA

 It was in the early 90's Friends and I were talking and looking at Holy Trader cards. I was asking about a need for a contemporary who was pure and example of virtue for my sons especially besides St Dominic Savio.
A friend showed me Pier Giorgio's card and I fell in love. I immediately tried to find out more about him via the internet and unfortunately in American at the time there was not much info. This was before Frassati USA and Christine Wohar. I got a response from Wanda Gawronska !! What a beautiful soul!! She wrote back to me and I told her that I wanted to help spread devotion to Pier Giorgio!! He has become patron of our home and we have a beautiful holy card with a piece of his deathbed sheet that Wanda sent us . It remains on our home altar right next to Our Lady and Our Lord.
My husband and I had the greatest blessing last year in The Year of Mercy to go to Italy. First Stop was to go to Turin and see Pier Giorgio!! Tears of joy flooded our hearts and I felt as if I had finally met my big brother!!!
We had hoped to meet Wanda in Rome but it did not happen that time but we hope to return in a couple of years to see him again. We too wonder why he has yet to be canonized. I believe it is because of his humility that he says, "no, I'm not worthy Lord, canonize someone else". But we would love to be there for his canonization if Pope Francis deems it. God bless you for your endeavors to make this happen in Our Lords mercy.

In The Immaculata,