Testimony of Garrett F. from USA

When I was 16, I was about to be confirmed and had to choose a saint to take as my patron. I was reading about several different holy men and women, but out of everyone, it was Pier Giorgio that stood out to me as someone I could relate to and aspire to be like. I wanted something to confirm that this was the right choice. So I prayed for some kind of sign. As I read more about his story, an article mentioned that his father owned the La Stampa news paper company. This name sounded incredibly familiar to me but I couldn't figure out why. Later, I went into my parents bedroom, and there it was. A La Stampa news paper resting inside a suitcase on the floor. The paper had Pope Benedicts picture on the cover and read "Habemus papem". It was from our trip to Rome from the previous year when the new Pope had been elected. The number of events that had to happen just for that moment makes for one heck of a coincidence if you ask me. Needless to say, this was all the confirmation I needed and I chose Bl. Pier Giorgio as my patron for confirmation. He's been a constant reminder of the importance of working with and building up the youth and is part of the reason why I became a college missionary.