Testimony of Ellie J from USA

Blessed Pier Giorgio has helped me find peace or at least continue to try and find peace amidst my single young adult years and the confusion of not knowing God's "plan for my life". He has helped me continue to be faithful to the sacraments amidst doubt and disappointed hopes. Last spring I was reeling after a devastating break up and I had He opportunity to stay in pier Giorgio's summer home in Pollone. Wanda was generous enough to share a letter he had written regarding a young woman whom he had been interested in but was unable to pursue. It was a sweet gift that helped console my heart. I turn to blessed pier for assistance in choosing joy amidst a very difficult family situation and for continued growth in holiness through encounters with Gods people and His nature. I am inspired by blessed Pier Giorgio and have promised that I would do every thing in my power to be at his canonization when that day comes - I hope it is soon - as I know there are so many more young people who could benefit from finding a friend in him.