Testimony of Dorota R. from Poland

I first got to know Pier Giorgio when read book about His life, but at that time I didn't really feel any connection with Him, just another blessed man. It changed when I started to ask Him for intercession, mostly about ordinary, everyday things. Soon I got to know that my friend also knows Pier Giorgio and we started to talk about Him and I prayed more and more for His help. Once I went with my sister, her husband and my 2 brothers to Slovakia for mountain hiking, it was November and weather was pretty good but the higher we went the weather started to deteriorate. At the top of Veľký Rozsutec we were in really bad weather, very strong wind, clouds. I started to pray for Pier Giorgio for safe way back home. At the top of mountain there is a metal box with notebook inside where tourists can sign in and leave some messages, when we were flipping the pages we found some pictures/prayer cards with Pier Giorgio! I took one and still have it. Despite bad weather conditions we had safe way down the mountain and safe trip back home. Now everytime we go to the mountains we pray to Pier Giorgio for safety during the trip. Later I started to ask Pier Giorgio for help in many different situations, He is very helpful in resolving everyday problems at work, conflicts with friends, even finding parking space (especially when in I'm hurry and in new city for me). He never fails. I ask Him for intercession every evening for the courage to go to the heights and aim for sainthood. Because of my friendship with Pier Giorgio I made many new friends (with Tipi Loschi and Ciemne Typy) and when in 2016 His relics were in Poland before WYD I was at all night prayer in Rybnik. It was such a blessed time with Him. What I like the most about Pier Giorgio is His joy, participation in Eucharist and Communion everyday and frequent Confessions. I try to follow this example. Thanks to His rich spiritual life He was also able to enjoy life through friendships, art and sport. This is great example how to live fully with Christ and in His Church.