Testimony of Castilo M. from USA

I started my devotion to Blessed Pier Giorgio when I was going to make a pilgrimage to Turin, Italy to view the Holy Shroud. A couple of weeks before my trip, I looked up saints from Turin and Pier Giorgio was the first one that came up and his name came up often. I started a novena to him asking him to bless my pilgrimage and get me to Turin safely. It was wonderful because my first day there as I walked into the church of St. John that houses the Shroud, I was able to kneel at the tomb of Blessed Pier Giorgio to say thank you for getting me to Turin safely. His presence was everywhere in Turin. From there my relationship with him began and it has really taken off. It's funny because now I consider him my patron along with St. Gemma Galgani, both who are lay people and if they could reach the heights of heaven this gives me hope that I can too. I feel his presence around me constantly. Blessed Pier Giorgio pray for us!